Health and Wellness BIZ 101: Your Business Startup Guide

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Longing for your own health and wellness business now that you have training under your belt? Ready to stop working for someone else and start setting your own hours?

The trouble is, you don’t know what you don’t know about running a business. You want to help people, but you don’t want to get hurt in the process by making costly mistakes.

I’ll teach you what you need to know about the legal and financial aspects of starting your own business, plus other business essentials, all with clear, actionable steps.

Ready to actually enjoy reading a business book?

Straightforward examples, forms, and worksheets make this guide more fun than any business book you’ve read (or avoided reading) before!

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About the Author

not your typical lawyer

Rachel Regenold is a licensed attorney, registered yoga teacher, and licensed massage therapist. After more than a decade practicing law, she took a career detour into the health and wellness profession and opened her own yoga and massage business. As she began teaching business and marketing to massage students, she discovered how much she loved the business side and how much she missed the law. Rachel decided to blend her passions by opening her own law practice to advise and educate other health and wellness professionals about law and business. She is an avid reader and life-long learner who relishes educating others.


About the Guide

not your typical business book

This Guide will teach you what you need to know about the legal and financial aspects of starting your own health and wellness business, in addition to other business essentials. Along with the forms and worksheets to get you started, you’ll learn:

  • How to form a limited liability company to protect your assets
  • What to expect before signing and negotiating a commercial lease
  • Tips on preventing and responding to complaints
  • How to calculate your business budget
  • The importance of tracking your income and expenses
  • How to plan for paying self-employment taxes

This Guide isn’t intended to turn you into a shrewd, hard-hearted business person. It will, however, help you enter the business world with open eyes and clear communication, in addition to the open heart you bring to your work.

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reviews + Testimonials


Golden Nuggets of Information

“Running my own business has been the most exciting, rewarding and stressful experience I’ve done. I wish Rachel’s book existed when I first started. The chapters in this book provide golden nuggets of information necessary for business foundation and growth, and are all the things you do not want to learn the hard way. Health and Wellness BIZ 101 is not only thorough, but written so the concepts are easy to digest. The worksheets and checklists provide clear next steps for execution. If you want to do what you love (without unnecessary headaches) and proactively prepare for the journey of a business owner, let this book be your guide.”

Olivia Mead, Founder and CEO of Yoga for First Responders


Treasure Trove

“Rachel’s book is a treasure trove of useful information for new members of the wellness small business community. Starting a business is a bit like becoming a parent for the first time… if you knew how much work was required upfront, you might run screaming in the opposite direction! Health and Wellness Biz 101 breaks each aspect of organizing your business into digestible tasks with clear instructions (and workbook pages to craft your unique vision). Whether your new business will serve as your paycheck, your passion, or both- Rachel’s guidebook should be required reading.”

Sandy, yoga studio owner of 13 years


Totally Made Sense

“It was easy to read and totally made sense and made me feel like it wasn’t some LEGAL EAGLE putting it together.”

Bob, licensed massage therapist


clear and down to earth

“I’m a new health and wellness small business owner. This guide is straightforward and is helping me to see areas I need to refocus on and I am re-inspired. I was able to read it in less than a weekend. Her bookkeeping examples and step by step process for every aspect of creating a successful small business have helped me tremendously. She even lays out advice to prevent burnout, personal injury, overspending as well as how to set financial goals and overcome an unhealthy relationship with money. She makes it easy to understand, using language and checklists that are clear and down to earth.

Heather, health coach & licensed massage therapist

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“I took a Biz 101 class from Rachel Regenold several years ago to help me get organized and educated as a new health and wellness entrepreneur. She’s efficient and humorous. Her writing and teaching style doesn’t waste time and is enlightening.” – Heather, health coach & licensed massage therapist

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